Many times a dream is a way to realize our subconscious thoughts. Dreams are interesting, depressive, funny, fictional, scary, inspiring, informative and also seldom a significant response to our latent oblivious questions. It attempts gives us vague solution to problems and sometimes make us realize where our complacent behavior about a situation will lead us. These narrative about dreams are not uncommon and the discourse can be endless.

I want to take the opportunity to anatomize the subject matter and throw some light on the casting of erratic dreams. The dreams which we are disposable and non-periodical

Consider the analogy…

Yes, that’s true, we can travel time, if we answer the question in its literal meaning. We all travel through time continously every day. Right from your birth, till the time you are reading this sentence you are obliviously travelling through time.

“Nothing is as far away as much as a minute ago.”

Contextually, the question does not have a unambiguous ‘positive’ answer, but there are ways to dissect the question, to interpret it and derive a sensible explanation leading to our answer

Consider the below demonstration.

Jack is a Fifteen year old boy. (Lets call him Jack15.) He wants…

Long long ago before the world wasn't inhabited by cyber machines, information was spread-ed across grey matter of humans and was very difficult to dissect it and trust it. Moreover in the quest to find answers of question sometimes diluted the question itself and the intellectual data was lost in transition and sometimes in cold blood, leading to less informed masses than today’s denizens.

Just imagine holding a hulking dictionary to understand narratives with thorough connotation and build vocabulary along the way, or carrying a whole book of machinery or maps on the go. …

Musharraf Ghansar

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